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Hello, my name is Daniele Falchetti.


I’m a Software Engineering Team Lead currently based in Valencia.

This is my space on the world wide web where I explain who I am, what I do, and what I want to achieve.

Who I am:

I have always believed in the concept of community as a synergistic union of people with different skills. Regardless of their specific role, each member brings their own experience and knowledge, and has the ability to adapt to different situations. I believe this is possible thanks to communication.

Throughout my working life, I have met people with whom I could adopt this philosophy.

My first working experience within a multidisciplinary group was in 2016 in LS&Blu, an established advertising agency where I could approach graphic design in a corporate environment. In the role of Junior Art Director, I started to make the first creative choices of my career.

Later on, during a trip through Europe, I met Francesco and Alessio, two people who shared the same plans as me for the future. We discussed the idea of creating a productive activity to work together on some freelance projects. Back in Rome, we founded Ekiplab, a versatile working reality where anyone interested in working with us was trained through specific courses to join our team.

After three years in a startup like Ekiplab, always looking to improve and gain new experiences, I decided to find out what it meant to be part of a big company and I started to work as a Frontend Developer in Agic Technology, an Italian multinational company partnered with Microsoft. The change, from the beginning, confirmed my expectations thanks also to the colleagues and customers I was able to work with.

Since then, I relocated to Barcelona, Spain, where I continued to work remotely for Agic. However, in a short time, I was able to gain awareness of the new environment, gathering information about the Spanish IT sector. With the conviction that this country has a good foundation, the time came to change work as well.

So, with the role of Senior Frontend Architect I joined the team at IBM iX, IBM's service line that takes advantage of industrial knowledge, design concepts and exponential technologies to help customers create, visualize and orchestrate their ecosystem on new dimensions.

After some projects developed at IBM, I got my first promotion and was appointed as a Team Leader.

For many reasons, I moved once again, this time to Valencia.

Now I'm here.

What I do:

I basically do what I like. It will sound commonplace to say it (and maybe it is) but I feel that I am one of those "lucky ones" who works with a hunger and desire to do what he does, which is to create. Creating and experimenting with applications and software with a wide variety of functions. I am not an artist, since art is free and an end in itself; I am a programmer and I have to respect paradigms imposed by the technologies I use, but I am not in a cage because I have the possibility to choose: to range between one or another framework, to prefer a specific programming language, to compose a specific development team. Making quality choices, that's what I do.

What I want to achieve:

If it is true that what I seek is seeking me, then I seek "everything".

Continuous research, curiosity in testing new programming and design tools, perpetual improvement and personal consolidation. To me, these are all activities aimed at achieving something every day that is useful and makes life "lighter".

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